Center for Hope And Justice Education


The Center for Hope & Justice Education (CHJE) and the Teaching for Hope and Justice Network (THJN) support inquiry-based professional development by uniting teachers and students with community and university educators in an effort to bring about more humane and inclusive educational practices.

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Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writers, a Freedom Rider, and THJN partners

About Us

Hope Center

The Center for Hope & Justice Education is a grassroots collaborative effort in the Cincinnati region to support teachers and students in leading the change for more meaningful schooling, teaching, and learning practices. It believes in the power of teacher and student knowledge and ideas. Learn more about our story, meet our dedicated advisory board and “UC Hope”, an initiative to create opportunities for student research projects


The Center for Hope and Justice Education aims to support university educators in an effort to bring about more humane and inclusive educational practices. We provide web resources available for download including social justice projects for the classroom, information regarding the Freedom Writers and articles regarding education.

Our Partners


CHJE and THJN partners…

  • Believe that social justice work in schools is a priority for the health and well-being of our communities and region.
  • Believe teachers and students need more time and spaces to network with each other and with community resources to bring about classroom, school, and community change.
  • Believe that we should learn through and from our diversity.
  • Create more opportunity for positive stories from Cincinnati area schools to be written, told, and listened to.
  • Create a transformative educational network for the region that supports improved student and teacher learning, relationships, and achievement through regional partnerships and asset-sharing experiences.


CECH Justice Initiatives


CECH has many other justice initiatives that focus on college access and retention, mentoring, and action research. Click the links below to find out more about additional CECH Justice Initiatives.



Explore the complete list of CHJE Partners to learn more.