CECH Giving Priorities

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When you donate to the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, you are making an investment in the future. You can choose exactly what you would like to support. Listed below are the College's top funding priorities this year, though contributions to any of the hundreds of other scholarship and programmatic funds are welcomed. If your desired funding interest is not listed here, please contact our Development office and we can assist you.

Ed Latessa Fund for Doctoral Students

Established in 2011 by the School of Criminal Justice for the 20th anniversary of the doctoral program and in honor of Dr. Ed Latessa. Disbursements will be used to support the academic endeavors and associated expenses of doctoral students enrolled in the criminal justice program at CECH.

W. Kenneth Stephens Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in honor of Dr. Ken Stephens, who served as team physician for varsity athletes at UC for 30 years. Disbursements to be awarded to sophomores, juniors and/or seniors in the athletic training program in the human services division of CECH. To be eligible a student must have a 2.75 program GPA and must complete an application including essay.

Jessica N. Galley Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established in memory of Jessica by her parents, Ron and Leslie Galley and family friend, Evelyn Altherr. Student applicants must be sophomores, juniors and/or seniors pursuing undergraduate degrees in special education. Students must have a GPA between 2.8 and 3.5 and demonstrate in writing their commitment to serving others through extra-curricular activities and/or community service/volunteer roles and/or jobs/paid positions.

Dorsey Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by family and friends in memory of CECH Professor Anne G. Dorsey. Scholarship disbursements will be awarded annually to one or more outstanding student(s) majoring in early childhood education who exemplify dedication to supporting the development of young children.

Dr. Evers Educational Leadership Fund

This fund was established in honor of the esteemed career of Dr. Nancy Evers. Disbursements to be used to provide scholarship support to students in the educational leadership program.

David Naylor Scholarship Fund

Established in 2009 by friends and colleagues in honor of Dr. David Naylor. The fund will support merit-based scholarships for students in the secondary education social studies program.

Sarah Pullen IT Scholarship Endowment Fund

This fund was established by Dr. Annu Prabhakar in memory of IT student, Sarah Pullen. Disbursements to be awarded for annual scholarships for students enrolled in the Information Technology Program at CECH. Preference may be given to female students.

Higher Education Mentoring Initiative Fund

This fund was established to provide annual programmatic and scholarship support for the Higher Education Mentoring Initiative (HEMI), a program that provides Hamilton County foster youth a long-term academic mentoring relationship that begins in high school and is focused on awareness of, preparation for, and completion of post-secondary education and training.

Friends of Transition and Access Program Fund

This fund will be used to provide annual programmatic and scholarship support for the Transition and Access Program (TAP), a program that offers a four-year, non-degree option for students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who want to actively engage in the full college experience.

Arlitt Child Development Center

This fund provides annual programmatic and operating support for the Arlitt Child Development Center, the award-winning laboratory preschool of UC's School of Education. Founded in 1925, Arlitt is one of the oldest demonstration preschools in the United States.