Amanda Pompoco

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Amanda Pompoco is originally from Youngstown, Ohio and received her Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in 2013. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati and a Junior Research Associate at the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute.  Since the beginning of her assignment at the Corrections Institute in 2011, she has worked on various phases of a statewide study of Ohio’s prison programs. The Prison Study was an evaluation of Ohio’s reentry approved programs to determine their effectiveness in reducing institutional misconduct and recidivism. After the completion of the Prison Study, Amanda transitioned into working on redesign initiatives and training multiple Cognitive Behavioral Interventions. In the past, she has also trained and coached the EPICS model in probation departments and trained graduate students to code EPICS audio submissions to provide feedback to correctional professionals on their use of EPICS. She is currently conducting a study to validate a group observation tool to assist in fidelity monitoring. Her research interests include correctional education, institutional programming, the transfer of knowledge to practitioners and policy-makers, the assessment of correctional programs, and applying the principles of effective intervention to community settings.