Goal 3: Stem Learning Approaches

Goal 3: Design, refine, and implement engaging and meaningful STEM learning approaches

OSMP - Mt Healthy

In addition to the emphasis on inquiry instruction and learning and engineering education modules, the relation between science education and literacy education has been explored with positive results, leading to the development of a proposal to IES to further develop and study instructional approaches that mutually support science and reading instruction and learning.

Digital Backpacks

The Fusion Center is stocked with digital backpacks and accessories to be used with the backpacks to engage students in project and field based learning experiences infused with technology. The backpacks have been used with inservice and preservice teachers and k-12 students.

Transforming Undergraduate Laboratory Experiences

Both the physics and biology introductory lab courses are undergoing curricular changes from the more cookbook-style labs to those focused on engaging students in lab experiences that portray science as a process. The impact on student learning, retention, and attitudes is being assessed.


The CEEMS project results in each teacher participant producing three learning units that integrate engineering's challenge based learning processes into secondary mathematics and science curriculum. These units are vetted, implemented, refined the distributed to other teachers via the UC CEEMS website. The learning units are aligned with Ohio academic content standards and the new mathematics and science national standards.