Goal 2: Programs

Goal 2: Support and sustain pre-service and in-service teachers in developing and delivering high quality STEM instruction

DRK-12 and OMSP at Mt Healthy

These efforts at Mt. Healthy have been embedded professional development extending over a two year time period. Teacher learning communities have been established, leading to better articulation of the science curriculum and improved instructional approaches that have impacted student science achievement in a positive manner.

Taft Elementary

Inservice work with Taft focuses on the development and implementation of the STEM authentic instruction modules. Ted Fowler also sits on the LSMDC which is the instructional and organizational decision making team for the school. To gain experience teaching in an urban environment, the Clifton campus early childhood preservice teachers implement science lessons within the second and third grade classes at Taft during fall semester.

MSP: Cincinnati Engineering Education for Mathematics and Science (CEEMS)

The CEEMS program provides engineering learning experiences for STEM teachers. The program also integrates preservice teachers in the Woodrow Wilson and Noyce Scholars programs into the activities so they learn early in their careers how to integrate engineering into their course instruction. The CEEMS program supports the teachers and schools during the academic year to implement and refine their instructional units.

Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellows/Noyce Scholars

These programs provide direct financial support to STEM professionals or highly qualified students to pursue a teaching license in a STEM area. The two programs provide different pathways for people to obtain teaching licenses which align with the different needs of A&S or engineering undergraduates and career changers.

OSLN/Race to the Top STEM modules

Working in partnership with expert teachers from Hughes and other schools in the region we are developing online learning modules that can be used in teacher preparation courses for preserviceteachers and as professional Development to support inservice teachers. Some modules are STEM specific, others deal with general pedagogical issues that new teachers need to master to be effective in STEM classrooms.

Choose Ohio First Scholarships

The goal of COF is to increase the preparation and participation of students entering PreK-12 STEM education teaching careers. We currently have 29 bachelors students and 19 masters students who receive Choose OH First scholarships.