About US

In 2011-12 the Fusion Center continued to engage in a range of activities aligned with the goals and vision of the center. We also welcomed a new leadership member, Dr. Kathy Koenig and said good-bye to Dr. Maya Israel. As we move into the 2012-13 academic year the Fusion Leadership includes:

  • Dr. Helen Meyer, Director and Pre-Service Programs
  • Dr. Ted Fowler, Inservice Teacher Development
  • Dr. Kathy Koenig, STEM Education in Higher Ed.
  • Kathie Maynard, Chair STEM Regional Collaborative
  • Dr. Linda Plevyak, Environmental Education

The center is supported by grant moneys from the NSF, OBR, ODE, Race to the Top, Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), Woodrow Wilson Foundation, CECH, and Duke Energy. The center has been a awarded over 5.9 Million in the last three years, in addition to another 11.8 Million in shared grants with other colleges at UC and Universities in the region. These funds are used to support 2 full time positions for members of the leadership team, 9 doctoral students in GA positions, and research and development activities for faculty and students engaged in Fusion projects.

We have strengthened our local and regional partnerships through grant, research and collaborative learning activities. Included on this webpage is an elaboration of the projects and activities FUSION center faculty have been engaged in aligned with the corresponding center goal.

The FUSION Center is a component of the SW Ohio Regional STEM Education Hub of OSLN. To learn more about the SW Ohio Regional STEM Education Hub of OSLN and the Ohio STEM Learning Network, visit CECH's FUSION page and the OLSN website.