This website is part of UCESC's efforts to make the evaluation of the MWC more efficient and effective. Evaluation forms-including coversheets, registrations forms, and course-specific evaluation forms-are provided for every course on the Evaluation Forms page. Access that page by clicking the link on the Site Menu to the left.

We are committed to continuing to document the success of the MWC. To this end, we believe we are implementing evaluation processes that are focused, user-friendly, actionable, and tailored for your needs. We intend this website, then, as a place where you should feel welcome to offer input at any time so that we can deliver evaluations that are meaningful and usable.

Take some time to browse the Resources page. There, we link you to some literature concerning evaluation procedures and training transfer. Over time, we plan to post additional literature on topics ranging from instructional strategies to barriers to safe work practices.