Oral English Proficiency Test for Academic Purposes (OEPT-Academic)


OEPT-Academic is a placement test of listening and speaking skills for both graduate and undergraduate students for academic purposes. For undergraduate and graduate international students who do not have a TOEFL or IELTS speaking sub-score, this test will assess students oral English proficiency at both daily and academic communication levels so as to recommend the appropriate ESL Oral Communication course(s) for students.


The evaluation of applicants video responses will follow a standardized rubric for assessing oral English proficiency and conducted by professionals with expertise in language assessment.

ESL Oral Communication Course Placement Based on OEPT-Academic Score

ESL Oral Communication Course Placement Based on OEPT-Academic Score


OEPT-Academic Score


1.0 - 2.49

ESL1072/7072 or ESL1075/7075

2.5 - 2.99

ESL1073/7073 or ESL1075/7075

3.0 - 3.49

ESL1074/7074 or ESL1075/7075 or no ESL

3.5 - 4

Registration - What Do I Need To Do To Take The Test?

The Oral English Proficiency Test for Academic Purposes is available year round. Please contact CESL Testing Office via email to register for the OEPT Test. In your email, please include the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. UC M number
  3. UC username (6+2)
  4. Department/Program you are enrolled
  5. The test(s) you need (OEPT-Academic)

You will receive an email within 2 business days with instructions to taking the test. If you are unsure whether you are required to take OEPT-Academic, please consult with your academic advisor. If you have any questions regarding the test, please contact the CESL Testing Office via email or call at 513-556-3590.

How to Access OEPT-Academic

1. Go to http://canopy.uc.edu and login.

2. You will see CESL-Oral English Proficiency Test under "My Organizations."

3. Click the link and you will get to the Overview.

4. Please review the information on this page (Welcome, Procedures, Technology Requirements).

5. Click on OEPT-Academic on the left toolbar under Tests.

6. Review the information on this page before starting the test.

7. Follow the Procedures to review the test prompts and record your responses.


Once you are admitted to the University of Cincinnati, you will be given access to the Canopy & Blackboard website. You will be able to log into the website with you 6+2 UC username.