Arlitt Child Development Center

The Arlitt Child Development Center provides preschool programming for children in Greater Cincinnati. It is a family- and community- centered environment whose mission is to research, demonstrate and promote best practices in early childhood care and education. It is supported through tuition fees, Head Start, and an endowment from founding professor, Dr. Ada Hart Arlitt.

Arlitt is rooted in constructivism and experiential learning and is guided by the following tenets:

  • Children learn through play and by actively engaging in the world around them. Development (cognitive, language, motor, social, and emotional) is positively influenced by environments that provide thoughtfully selected materials.
  • Social interactions and relationship building with peers and adults are central to healthy early development.
  • A curriculum focused on children’s interests, capabilities, and agency is best practice in preschool.
  • Capacities such as respecting one another, problem-solving issues and conflicts, and caring for the environment are developed in early childhood and are key components of a sustainable worldview.

For more information about the center or to enroll a child, visit the Arlitt Child Development Center’s family site or contact the director of the child development program, Ms. Mary Beth Wright.