Current Research

Latinos Unidos por la Salud (LU-Salud)

Latinos Unidos por la Salud (LU-Salud) is a community-based participatory research project where we have partnered with a community research team to understand barriers and strengths to health care and help-seeking behaviors in Cincinnati. The community research team is composed of eight Latina women from the community who have been trained in quantitative and qualitative methods to gather data in their communities. By partnering with the community research team, we have better access to traditionally marginalized and "hidden communities" while empowering a group of enthusiastic community members to drive change through research.

The Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT)

The Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT) is a web-mediated simulation designed for middle school classrooms where students take on roles of various characters throughout the world, history and literature to address an imaginary court case about a controversial, ethics-centered topic. JCAT is meant to develop students skills in writing, critical thinking, perspective-taking, historical empathy, and communication, as well as subject literacy in social, historical and cultural contexts. Hand in hand with this program, ARC members both conduct their own educational action research into the nature of teaching and learning in JCAT, and facilitate practitioner inquiry with teachers who are using the simulation in their schools.

JCAT is a university-community partnership with: RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network, University of Cincinnati Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture, University of Michigan, Hebrew College, and the Jewish Theological Seminary. It is generously supported by the Covenant Foundation.