Request for Professional Development Funding

***Due to the impact of COVID, requests for professional development funding is currently suspended.***

Staff Professional Development is a core value of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. Each CECH Staff Employee is permitted, $500.00 dollars per calendar year.  This money does not accumulate over years.  The money is to be used for, but not limited to:  conferences (participation, presentation, or attending), professional events at local, state, regional, national, or international level venues, books or required materials for courses or professional trainings, internal workshop fees, continued learning course or any other reasonable and justifiable cost that supports professional development. 

All requests for funding are reviewed and approved by the employee’s supervisor and the College Business Officer. Upon completion of the  trainings, conference, or class (study materials used for), the employee is expected to write a small review of what they have learned and submit this request form as well as the summary to the Staff Advisory Board email address.

Applications should be made in accordance with all College and University regulations and policies.

Please have the required signatures applied to the Professional Development Funding Signature Form and upload form before submission of the request form.