Advisory Board

Members of the Diversity Board smiling together

The College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services at the University of Cincinnati serves as a model of and resource for diversity that actively supports, empowers, prepares, respects and celebrates all students, staff, faculty and community members by advancing, sustaining and promoting diversity and inclusion in our personal reflections, intellectual pursuits and professional development.

The CECH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion board is made up of a diverse group of various college leaders who meet regularly to discuss how to diversify our college our student's experience and bring awareness to issues around diversity to our faculty and staff. 

What is diversity to CECH?

We see diversity as an inclusive community of people with various human characteristics, abilities, beliefs, and world views when combined challenges their peers to grow, learn, and educate others.

Join the Board

This is an open board, which means anyone can join and contribute to CECH Diversity events and activities. We have monthly meetings that last 1.5 hours (20-21 schedule will start in September). 

If you are interested in joining the board or have questions, please contact Carrie Biales and Andrea Buenano