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Medical Education (Curr & Instruction)

Medical education is typically the advanced education of medical/dental/osteopathic students, residents, fellows, nurses, technicians, research staff, and others within a hospital or other healthcare or medical facility.  In a broader sense, it also includes the education of patients and their families within those same facilities. While it can also refer in some circumstances to the education of the public regarding specific health conditions or on health and healthy behaviors in general, it is not the same as the field of Public Health (and this degree does not address those needs as much as an MPH would).

This program is designed to provide advanced training in teaching & learning and educational research skills to faculty, staff, and allied health professionals who are involved in precepting or teaching activities and/or medical education research so that they may improve their curricula and teaching methodologies as well as further the knowledge of the field.

The program is offered through a joint partnership of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH). The faculty at Cincinnati Children's Hopsital Medical Center comprise the entirety of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics. It is open to all fields and specialties.


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Curriculum & Instruction
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnet Avenue, MLC 2011
Cincinnati,OH  45229
Lea Alaee
Phone: 513-636-4183

Career Possibilities

In general, this program is for those who are (1) already working within healthcare, (2) currently in or just starting a career track in the medical education field, (3) in some type of a teaching institution, and (4) seeking to further their skills and knowledge and/or improve their curricula and programs. It is not a program for those with no experience in the field or looking to get into the field from outside of medicine or healthcare.

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.

Major Details

The program is offered as a distance learning program only, with no on-site requirement. All activities from orientation through final project presentation are conducted via web, email, and telephone.

Coursework includes assigned reading materials, active participation in the course discussion board, and assignments, tests, and group and individual projects. If a course requires an individual project, you are encouraged to choose and design a project that is applicable to your home institution and its organizational needs. This ensures the program is immediately relevant and useful.

The 30-semester credit hour program includes the following 10 courses (3 credits each):

CI7080 Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Medical Education
CI7081 Attitude Formation & Change in Medical Education
CI7082 Human & Adult Learning in Medical Education
CI7083 Application of Instructional Design and Educational Technology in Medical Education
EDST7010 Statistics I
EDST8051 Qualitative Research Methods I
EDST8034 Measurement & Assessment
CI7001 Educational Research for Master's Students
CI6075 Field Experience Practicum
CI7090 Final Master's Project


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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Fall 2012

Predominant Program

    Medical Education Core Requirements
    • CI6075, Field Experiences Practicum, 1 - 6
    • CI7001, Educational Research for Masters Students , 3
    • CI7080, Curriculum Development & Evaluation in Medical Education, 3
    • CI7081, Attitude Formation and Change in Medical Education, 3
    • CI7082, Human and Adult Learning in Medical Education, 3
    • CI7083, Application of Instructional Design and Technology in Medical Education, 3
    • CI7090, Master's Project: Curriculum and Instruction, 1 - 3
    • EDST7010, Statistical Data Analysis I, 3
    • EDST8034, Measurement and Assessment, 3
    • EDST8051, Qualitative Research Methods I, 3

Admission Requirements

Admission is non-competitive. Eligibility criteria include

  • Undergrad GPA of 3.0 or higher or prior master's or doctoral GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Current involvement in medical education or just starting career track in medical education
  • Strong English reading and writing skills

Application requirements include

  • Completion of the online Graduate School application, including application fee. Be sure to select the program “Medical Education (Curr and Instr)-Distance Learning”.  MEd appears in the Award column. 
  • Your current CV or resume
  • An admission essay that addresses your involvement and interest in medical education and scholarship and your future goals within the field
  • Two (2) professional letters of recommendation for admission into this program. Generic recommendations, recommendations for admission to fellowship or residency programs, or recommendations for employment are not suitable. Personal recommendations are not appropriate. 
    • One recommendation should be from your division director, chief, fellowship director, or other supervisor and should address the reasons for his or her support for your application. If you are moving into a new position, the recommendation should be from your new director or supervisor.
    • The second recommendation may be from a colleague, former director or supervisor, former attending or preceptor, or other professional of your choosing who can speak to your involvement/interest/skills/etc. within the medical education field.
  • Original, official transcripts of undergraduate, medical, and/or prior graduate work - these must be sent directly from the College or University in a sealed envelope or via an e-transcript service.
    • If the transcript is not in English, a translation must be sent from WES (World Educational Services) or a similar organization.
    • The official documentation sent must include (1) the degree granted and the date it was granted and (2) a listing of the courses taken and grades received. For some Universities, these two pieces of information may be on separate documents (such as a course transcript and a diploma or certificate). In this case, original/official copies of both documents must be sent, with translations if necessary.
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores if your native language is not English and you are living and working in a non-English speaking country. Please see the Graduate School Handbook for more information and a list of exempt countries. If you are currently living and working in an English-speaking country, this requirement can be waived.  

    PLEASE NOTE: Since this program is entirely online, all work is written, including course participation on the discussion board. To be successful, you must have strong skills in reading and writing English. As a master's student, a certain level of academic writing is expected, and the ability to write coherently and correctly is necessary. We will assess your written English ability from ALL communications with us, including EMAIL. If we do not feel that your English skills are strong enough to do well in our program, we will recommend you either take additional reading and writing skills training first or that you start with the Certificate program first.

Please visit the program website at for additional information. 


Application Deadlines

Fall application deadline: June 1

Spring application deadline: October 1

Summer application deadline: February 1


The University of Cincinnati is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


1) Where can I find more information about the Curriculum and Instruction program?

Please click here to view the 2014-2015 Curriculum and Instruction Handbook
2) I am interested in financial aid. Who do I contact?

To learn more about Financial Aid opportunities that exist, please visit