Certificates and Outreach Programs

Students can also earn certificates which may be included as part of their graduate program in Educational Studies.

Assessment and Evaluation Certificate. The Assessment and Evaluation (A&E) Graduate Certificate Program is aimed at the development of professional expertise in assessment and evaluation theories, methods, and research. The certificate requires 24 credit hours of graduate coursework and may be earned by non-matriculated students as well as students enrolled in master’s and doctoral degree programs. 

Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture. The research agenda for the Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture is to advance theoretical understandings of culture, relationship, and teacher identity and develop new models for teachers’ professional development. The Center also offers rigorous courses of study including a Graduate Certificate in Jewish Education focused on developing and improving educators’ pedagogical skills and the acquisition of general content knowledge of Jewish culture and history.

Developmental and Learning Sciences Certificate. The Developmental and Learning Sciences Graduate Certificate Program is focused on improving children’s development and learning outcomes by integrating theory and research from the fields of developmental psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and education. The certificate requires 21 credit hours of graduate coursework. 

The Graduate Certificate in Postsecondary Literacy Instruction (PLI) is designed to address a variety of current professional and disciplinary demands that arise in most community colleges and adult literacy programs: developmental reading, basic writing, reading and writing in English as a Second Language, linguistic and cultural differences, learning styles, etc. Additionally, by placing students in an actual developmental classroom, they are provided with a hands-on practicum experience at a site convenient to them that allows the incorporation of teaching interests into projects and lessons that encompass various facets of the methods and theories learned in their PLI classes.


Designed for those who intend to teach English as a Second Language or Foreign Language to adult learners, either domestically or abroad.

Develop skills in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to improve performance and organizational goals.  

Gain an understanding of ASD and intervention methods needed to teach and assist ASD individuals and their families.

Take the courses required to obtain your CDA certificate from the CDA Council.

Enhances your opportunities for a career that interacts with the public and individuals with deafness.

Add to the research and theoretical methods related to childhood learning and development.

Prepares you to become an effective leader in the Jewish community.

Introduces educators to partnerships and resources to address the community's educational issues.

Analyze distance learning cases, policies, and procedures to help you lead and administer courses online.

Acquire advanced knowledge to improve programs and projects in the healthcare field.

Prepares students to teach developmental reading and basic writing in community colleges and adult literacy programs

Learn, design, and implement STEM activities to use within your various educational settings.


To renew your license, please contact our Professional Development Office via email at cechpd@uc.edu or phone at 513-556-6399.


Focused on providing teachers with the skills to teach students with learning disabilities and impairments.

Learn ways to lead a team of teachers and students to carry out school and district goals.


Extend your early childhood license and get certified to teach all core academic content areas in grades four and five.

For licensed teachers who want to enhance their ability to teach gifted, creative, or talented students.

Enables current Ohio licensed grades four through nine teachers to teach one or two additional and content areas ingrades four through six.

Learn best practices to assist elementary, middle, and secondary learners at various reading stages with their reading skills.

Gain the knowledge to support school administrators, mentor the teaching community, and hold a leadership role within schools.

Qualifying you to teach English to speakers of other languages.