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Mobile Application Development

What is Mobile Application Development?

The mobile application development certificate is a hands-on certificate that will empower individuals to develop apps for current and emerging platforms for mobile devices (phones, tables, Smart TV, etc). In particular, the certificate will enable students to develop different types of apps (games, business, productivity, personal, educational, etc) using the iOS and Android platforms as well as using mobile web for cross platform development.

Success Factors

Certificate learning outcomes:

  • Describe the impact of mobile devices and their impact on businesses and organizations
  • Explain the concepts of object oriented programming
  • Explain the basic principles in user interface design
  • Develop software applications for mobile devices on different platforms

Career Possibilities

Graduates of the Mobile Application Development undergraduate certificate program will be equipped to function as mobile developers for different type of organizations and companies. They will be able to work as iOS developers (for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), as Android developers (for phones and tablets) as well as cross-platform developers using mobile web. 

Curriculum Guides

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all course requirements with at least a GPA of 2.0 and must complete the certificate within a maximum of two years from the enrollment date.

Application Deadlines

Students may be admitted to this program any term. Applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the beginning of the term in which they plan to enroll.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Quick Facts

Undergraduate Certificate Degree in Mobile Application Development

Full-Time Program Duration

1 Years


Uptown Campus West

Admission Criteria



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