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School Psychology

The School Psychology Program at the University of Cincinnati is dedicated to preparing highly competent professional school psychologists from a scientist-practitioner model at the doctoral (PhD) level. Graduates are prepared to make significant contributions to this challenging field through up-to-date and research-based professional practice. Doctoral-level graduates are prepared research-based professional practice plus leadership, systems change, and advanced behavioral theory and research. The program operates from an eco-behavioral orientation and emphasizes the delivery of school psychological services from a consultative, collaborative problem-solving framework to prevent and remediate learning and behavior problems. A child advocacy perspective provides a framework, along with a scientist-practitioner perspective, for guiding decisions and practices that provide supportive educational environments and enhance positive outcomes for all children through research-based practice and data-based decision making. Both theoretical and empirical bases of professional practice are emphasized, and a diverse range of practical field experiences are provided throughout preparation. The Program fosters respect for the uniqueness and human dignity of each and all persons. Self awareness, positive regard for others, and respect for differences are actively cultivated and expected of all students.


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Real-World Learning Components

Required internship(s), Required clinical experience, Required teaching experience, Research




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School Psychology
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services


Renee Hawkins
Phone: 513-556-3342

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Curriculum Guide Versions:


Predominant Program

    Fall (Year 1)
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY7040 School Organization an dthe Role of the School Psychologist, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8010 Applied Behavior Analysis I, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8020 Theories of Measurement for School Psychology, 2
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8024 Academic Assessment and Intervention, 3
    • SPSY9000, Doctoral Colloquium in School Psychology, 1
    • XXXXxxxx, EDST7011 Intermediate Statistics, 3
    • PSYCxxxx, Student will select PSYC7021 or PSYC7031., 3
    Spring (Year 1)
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8011 Applied Behavior Analysis II, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8030 Behavioral Consultation, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8025 Family Intervention and Early Intervention, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8022 Cogntive Assessment, 2
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY9000 Doctoral Colloquium in School Psychology, 1
    • PSYCxxxx, Student will select PSYC7033 or PSYC7035., 3
    Summer (Year 1)
    • SPSY7041, Ethics for Behavioral Practice and Research, 3
    • SPSY7042, Working with Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Schools, 3
    • SPSYxxxx, Student will select SPSY7045., 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY7043 Child Development, 3
    Fall (Year 2)
    • SPSY8012, Behavioral Research and Accountability Methods, 3
    • SPSY8027, School-Based Behavioral Counseling and Mental Health Interventions, 3
    • SPSY8015, Functional Behavioral Assessment, 3
    • SPSY8061, School Psychology Practicum, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY9000 Doctoral Colloquium in School Psychology, 1
    • PSYCxxxx, Student will select PSYC7021 or PSYC7031., 3
    Spring (Year 2)
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY8061 School Psychology Practicum, 3
    • SPSY8031, Systems-level Consultation and Program Evaluation in Schools, 3
    • SPSY9010, Advanced Behavioral Theory and Practice, 2
    • SPSY9012, Advanced Behavioral Research Methods and Designs, 2
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY9000 Doctoral Colloquium, 1
    • PSYCxxxx, Student will select PSYC7050., 3
    • PSYCxxxx, Student will select PSYC7035 or PSYC7033., 3
    Summer (Year 2)
    • N/A
    Fall (Year 3)
    • SPSY9061, Advanced Practical Experience in Schools and Community Agencies, 1 - 6
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY9000 Doctoral Colloquium in School Psychology, 1
    • SPSY9015, Pre-Dissertation Research in School Psychology, 1 - 6
    • SPSY8070, Best Practices in Teaching in Human Services, 1 - 6
    • EDST8041, Multivariate Data Analysis, 3
    Spring (Year 3)
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY9061 Advanced Practical Experience in Schools and Community Agencies, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, SPSY9000 Doctoral Colloquium in School Psychology, 1
    • SPSY8040, Professional Seminar in School Psychology, 3
    • SPSYxxxx, Student will select SPSY9015., 3
    • XXXXxxxx, Student will select a Free Elective., 3
    Summer (Year 3)
    • N/A
    Fall (Year 4)
    • SPSY9090, Doctoral Dissertation Research in School Psychology, 1 - 12
    Spring (Year 4)
    • SPSY9065, Internship in School Psychology: Doctoral Level, 1 - 10
    Summer (Year 4)
    • XXXXxxxx, Year 5 Students will complete SPSY9065 as they complete the required full year internship., 2 - 12

Admission Requirements

• Transcripts and a minimum GPA of 3.2
• Vita / Resume
• Goal Statement
• 3 Letters of Recommendation submitted through the online system

Application Deadlines

The Program admits students once a year for a fall semester start. Applications are due January 15th.

If you would like to submit an electronic application for the School Psychology program, please visit our On-Line Graduate School Application and complete the form.

Make sure to visit the School Psychology website or contact the program directly for information about application requirements or to inquire about materials that need to be submitted when applying to this program.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

UC's Doctoral Program in School Psychology is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). The Program also is approved for Educator Preparation by the Ohio Department of Education. The College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).