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Teacher Leader

The Teacher Leader Program is designed for passionate, dedicated professionals who continue to work at mastering the craft of teaching, who have the respect of their peers, and who serve the forward movement of their schools and communities. They are “go to” teachers.

Teacher Leader is for those whose first and foremost call is teaching, but who know they want to influence the broader school community. It is for those who can and do serve as leaders of school improvement—without being required to leave their classrooms.


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Educational Leadership
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Career Possibilities

There are many traditional roles for teachers serving as leaders: department chair, grade-level chair, curriculum designer, and mentor—just to name a few. Through coursework and a one-year practicum, the Teacher Leader Program helps teachers expand into areas of leadership new to them—and to their school districts.

That’s what the Teacher Leader Program at UC is all about—expanding the role and the influence of one of the most powerful forces in a school, the teachers themselves. We’ve worked with teachers who have collaborated with their administrators to:

  • influence early childhood reading comprehension in a developing nation
  • develop a consistent writing program across all core content areas in a middle school
  • create common assessments in a variety of subject areas
  • design a literacy improvement plan for a school district, pre-k through grade 8
  • establish literacy labs for new and veteran teachers to observe and study the work of colleagues skilled in reading instruction
  • organize model classrooms for new teachers to observe and study the work of colleagues who are masters of management and instruction
  • provide professional development ushering new teachers into the school system and into the profession

 This is pioneering work—and the effects, far reaching.

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.

Major Details

The Teacher Leader Program is a fully online program. It begins by asking teachers to conceptualize the role of teacher—as that of leader—and then focuses on the development of skills in:

  • leading and facilitating change through Professional Learning Communities
  • working with adult learners
  • coaching and mentoring new and veteran teachers to improved instruction
  • implementing instructional strategies and modeling them for colleagues
  • providing site-specific professional development
  • managing a practicum project focused on an area of need specific to the school


Paths in the Teacher Leader Program

A.  The Ohio Teacher Leader Endorsement

Designed for Ohio teachers seeking to add the Teacher Leader Endorsement to a current teaching license, the endorsement is one of the paths for achieving the highest level of license available to Ohio educators, the Lead Professional Educator license.

Candidates for the Ohio Teacher Leader Endorsement must:

  • hold a valid Ohio teaching license
  • have completed a master’s degree
  • have four years’ experience
  • be employed in a school district
  • provide two letters of recommendation (including one from a building administrator)
  • complete the online graduate application and meet program standards

B.  The Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leader

The Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leader is available to out-of-state teachers seeking the certificate only.  (Note: all assignments and the practicum require a school setting.)



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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Curriculum Guide by Requirement

Predominant Program

    • CI7060, Developing and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities for Teacher Leaders, 3
    • CI7061, Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Results for Teacher Leaders, 3
    • CI7062, Practicum Seminar for Teacher Leaders, 1 - 2
    • CI7062, Practicum Seminar for Teacher Leaders, 1 - 2
    • CI7063, Quality Instructional Practices for Teacher Leaders, 3

Admission Requirements

Standard admissions requirements include: baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA, cover letter, goal statement, resume/CV, and letters of recommendation. For full details on admissions requirements for this degree (including GRE requirements), visit the program page on the CECH website:

Candidates for the Ohio Endorsement must hold a master's degree and have at least four years for successful teaching experience. Teachers must also provide a letter of support from their principal or building administrator to be considered.

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