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Next Lives Here
 was an interactive 3-day summit that engaged approximately 160 participants as designers to create effective collective impact ecosystems and alliances to drive community outcomes for increased representation in STEM study and careers.

The overriding question we worked to answer: How can we get the various sectors of the community to work together to solve this (or any) social problem?

Next Lives Here represented a unique opportunity for participants to share their insights and expertise, connecting across community sectors with others who want to make an impact and create a new vision of STEM education

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What is the PROBLEM?

There are several groups of students who tend to not pursue a pathway of study to science, technology, advanced manufacturing, engineering, math, and health careers. The groups that are underrepresented are girls and women, minorities, first generation to attend college, those with physical handicaps, and anyone who is financially disadvantaged.

Who attended?

Representatives from each community sector:  K12 education, colleges, community development groups, youth development groups, business, museums and informal education, government, and agencies.

Why did they attend?

  • Provide their own insights and understandings.
  • Opportunity to interact with others who are like them and others different from them.
  • Stretch their thinking and develop new insights.
  • Use their insights with the understandings of others to design new plans of action.
  • Get ready for What Comes Next.


The work started at noon on Thursday, March 2 and extended all through Friday, ending with lunch on Saturday, March 4. We worked together in small groups using a tried and true process with excellent facilitators to understand what is working and what are the contributing problems. Then we dug in to find new ways of thinking and involving people, finally designing practical and promising actions. The work was continuous and unrelenting! It was important that attendees be able to participate for considerable blocks of time. And on the bright side we had good food: light lunch and working dinner Thursday, all meals Friday, and breakfast buffet and lunch Saturday. 

Summit Agenda Overview:

Day 1: Building Collective Knowledge (12:00pm to 8:30pm)

  • Model Shop: Collaborate with a diverse team to build backbone organization.
  • Fire Starters: Join a conversation led by national leads in Collective Impact.
  • History of the Future: Create a vision of the past and future.

Day 2: Generating Ways Forward (8:30am to 7:00pm)

  • Opportunity Identification: Identify the biggest opportunities for impact.
  • Scenario Based Ideation: Generate new ideas for increasing STEM representation.

Day 3: Moving into Action (8:00am to 1:00pm)

  • Bucketing: Choose your focus area, build a team and set outcomes.
  • Team Action: Design a path forward and share it with the summit.

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This event was a participant of UC's Spring Into STEM!


This conference was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number HRD-1650433. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the conference organizers and do not necessarily reflect that views of the National Science Foundation.