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The School of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati, through a grant from the National Science Foundation, offers IT education to select high school students.

Experience hands-on learning of current technologies; use state-of-the-art equipment; and learn from college professors and IT business leaders.

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IT Graduate Program

IT Graduate Program signing

Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing disciplines in graduate education today. The reason is simple - Every industry needs IT. We live in a networked, electronic world and rely on always available, secure systems to live, work, and play. We have electronic classrooms, health records, manufacturing, etc. The field of IT is responsible for building, managing, and securing these global systems. There is no other field of study that cuts through so many domains and has such on impact on the world.

UC's Master of Science in Information Technology gives you the hands on skills to immediately solve problems in all of these industries. One of the biggest problems today is now that our world is becoming electronic, we must secure all of the information transferred and stored every day. Our focus on cybersecurity will prepare you to secure software applications, networks, and systems making you a vital part of every organization.

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IT + IDT Program

The IT + IDT Accelerated Program signing

The School of Education and the School of Information Technology in CECH have come together to create a unique opportunity for students in the Information Technology program. With this agreement, undergraduate students in the Information Technology program will be able to complete the Masters of Education in Instructional Design & Technology while completing their undergraduate degree, both within the same 5 years it would noramlly take to complete only their undergraduate degree.

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Cardinal Solutions Partners with UC

UC and Cardinal Solutions Partnership signing

"Cardinal Solutions, a national IT solutions provider with headquarters in Cincinnati, signed an agreement with the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Information Technology on Monday, Oct. 21. In a ceremonial signing at Cardinal Solution’s office in Kenwood, Kelly Conway, president of Cardinal Solutions, and Hazem Said, department head of the Department of Information Technology, committed to an ongoing effort to collaborate on information technology initiatives."

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CECH & CBTS Partnership

CBTS & CECH Partnership signing

"CBTS, a leading technology solutions provider, signed a multi-faceted collaboration agreement with the University of Cincinnati’s College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH), enabling the two entities to provide a world-class educational experience for students pursuing a degree in information technology."

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Professor Vali Tadayon Recieves the 2013 Hamilton County Entrepreneurship Award

Professor Vali Tadayon

"Vali Tadayon has recently received the 2013 Hamilton County Entrepreneurship Award. He received the award with 9 other recipients that included three UC faculty.

Vali's patented ThinkingFolders system has been translated into a viable software application. He is working on expanding the application of his system to other domains and is currently working on a prototype with the IT Solutions Center to apply it to higher education domain."

- Dr. Hazem Said


Egyptian Students Learn About UC and IT Programs

Dr. Hazem Said in front of class of Egyptian students

High school students at Hayah International Academy ( in Egypt participated in a seminar about the University of Cincinnati on Thursday February 28. Dr. Hazem Said presented UC and the IT program and answered questions. The students, who are in the International Baccalaureate program showed great interest in the coop program, hands-on experience, athletics and were interested to learn about what UC can offer them.


Annu Prabhakar Receives the Barbour Award

Annu Prabhakar

The 2013 George Barbour Award for Good Faculty-Student Relations goes to Annu Prabhakar. Annu is an associate professor of Information Technology and faculty advisor to the Women in Information Technology student group.


Hazem Said Joins the Academy of Fellows for Teaching & Learning

Dr. Hazem Said

Each year, the UC Academy of Fellows for Teaching & Learning selected faculty members based on scholarly teaching. The AFTL class of 2013 included Dr. Hazem Said, associate professor and department head. Hazem hopes to work with faculty across the University on improving teaching and learning.


Kick off Meeting for the IT Strategic Plan Implementation

IT Strategic Plan meetings

Volunteers from the IT Advisory board came together on Wednesday 3/13 to kick off the implementation of the IT 2019 Strategic Plan. Aleth Rhodes, project manager with Great American Insurance Company, has volunteered to manage the implementation of the plan. The meeting included Jim Scott, Parminder Sinai, Michael Beck, and Tom Luhmkuhl. The team discussed the discussed the strategic plan and was able to identify some strategies to build foundation for all projects that stem out of the plan. The team will convene one more time in April before presenting to the IT advisory board meeting in May. 

In the last advisory board meeting in November, members were invited to volunteer to take a leading role in implementing the strategic plan. The kick off meeting was the first gathering of those who volunteered.


Top 4 Tech Skills for IT Pros

The IT staffing firm Bluewolf identified mobile, cloud, big data and user engagement as the  tech skills most in demand in 2012. The firm says proficiency in those areas could bring in the big bucks this year.
Did you know that a  .NET developer could see his or her salary reach the $91,000-to-$137,000 range this year?
Read the full article written by Camille Tuutti of FederalDaily, and the full 2012 Salary Guide published by Bluewolf!

  • Mobile
    Hot: HTML5, iPhone/iPad, Android
    Cooling off: Blackberry, Windows Mobile
  • Big Data
    Hot: MySQL, HBase, Cognos, Informatica
    Cooling off: DB2, Crystal Reports, Business Objects
  • Cloud Computing
    Hot: Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, Google Apps
    Emerging: AWS-EC2
  • User Engagement
    Hot: HTML 5, Javascript, UI Design
    Cooling off: Flash, Flex, ActionScript