Early College Program

Signing between CPS and UC School of IT

The Early College program is an initiative to transform the state of the information technology workforce from a talent deficit to a talent surplus. The information technology sector is a strategic component of economic development in the State of Ohio. The demand for skilled information technology professionals continues to grow beyond the current capacity of the educational system. An effective, scalable, and sustainable talent development system is integral to Ohio's economic competitiveness. This program is centered around key innovative concepts that significantly reduce the total cost of a bachelor's degree (economic efficiency) while improving the level of job readiness for the graduates (educational excellence). The programs key concepts include:

  • Teach the first year of the bachelor's degree in high schools
  • Use competency based graduate certificate to train high school teachers, enabling them to teach college courses
  • Integrate a 20-month paid work experience (co-op) with average pay of $45,000
  • Deliver the bachelor's degree on community college campuses to increase transition and completion rates
  • Provide an accelerated bachelor's plus master's degree option to elimate an additional two years of education
  • Utilize competency and project-based pedagogy to provide hands-on information technology education

The University of Cincinnati School of Information Technology partners with school districts to offer a pathway for high school students to work towards completing college and a career in Information Technology.

Students complete their first year of college while still in high school. The program reduces the number of years to graduate and the total cost. All students who complete their first year of classes in high school and complete these classes with a C or above average will be automatically admitted to the University of Cincinnati Information Technology program.


Current Partnerships:

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For more information, please contact Lauren Kirgis at kirgisle@ucmail.uc.edu.