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Cincinnati faces a significant shortage of Information Technology (IT) workers in the next 7 years.  IT is one of the fastest growing and highest paying careers in Cincinnati.  
These careers include:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Database Administrators

Many IT jobs require post-secondary education but preparing students for IT careers starts before college.  Unfortunately, many high schools do not have the ability to incorporate IT into the current curriculum.  The University of Cincinnati (UC) DITLE project will help change that.

The Design Based Information Technologies Learning Experiences, or DITLE, is a project funded by a National Science Foundation ITEST grant.  This project will prepare secondary schools, students and communities for IT post-secondary education and jobs.  It will strengthen the current regional partnerships between secondary schools, UC's School of Information Technology, UC's STEM education programs, and Cincinnati businesses.  This project will have a focus on 10th and 11th grade students who are typically under-represented in IT careers and education.  It will give a broad range of IT education and experience to students and teachers.


Working Together

This project has a wide reaching impact on Cincinnati High School Students and Teachers.  The University of Cincinnati will be working with 6 area High Schools on this grant.  Within those 6 high schools, we will reach out to over 200 high school students over 3 years.

We have many goals to reach during this 3 year project.  Some of the highlights are

  • 180 High School students will attend UC IT Summer Camp
  • 100 High School students will receive college credit for IT courses
  • 15 High School students will have a paid internship at the UC IT Solution Center
  • 5 High School IT Clubs will compete in the UC High School IT Expo
  • 2 High School IT Expo Teams will receive UC Scholarship money for an ICT major at UC
  • 30 students will receive mentoring and job shadow opportunities from Cincinnati business leaders

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This project will include Cincinnati Public Schools, Oak Hills Schools, University of Cincinnati College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services FUSION center and School of Information Technology, and industry partners.  

This project is supported by the teachers, students, faculty, staff, families, communities, and businesses in the Cincinnati area.  We will work together to make Cincinnati a leader in IT education.  

There is a sustainability plan that includes developing course materials and educating teachers so that the IT clubs and courses can continue after the grant project.

Want to know more?


For a successful project, we rely on the support of the Cincinnati community, educators, and businesses.  We would love to have volunteers in the areas of education, IT, and community outreach.  We also want your feedback and ideas. 

If you are interested in this program, please contact:
Rebekah Michael
University of Cincinnati School of IT


Funded by NSF Grant Award ID 1433769