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IT Learning Center

The IT Learning Center provides support to students taking School of Information Technology courses. There are tutors available Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm by email, phone, and in person.

The IT Learning Center is staffed by Teaching Assistants from the Masters in Information Technology and Bachelors in Information Technology programs. Though the Teaching Assistants only support some of the IT courses, the IT Learning Center supports all IT courses on Main Campus.

In Person: The learning center incorporates both the in-person tutor and online class support. Students can visit the IT tutor for any questions they may have for their classes.

Online: The online class support is for those students who are having difficulties with a class they are taking online. Send an email to the IT Learning Center at ITLearningCenter@uc.edu. The tutors can setup a Webex online meeting in order to answer questions.


For help with your School of Information Technology classes, please contact the IT Learning Center. For the best experience at the Learning Center, please email ITLearningCenter@uc.edu prior to your visit.(italic)

The Information Technology Learning Center is located in:
Suite 250 Teachers-Dyer Complex

Please see the schedule below for exact times.  It will be closed during UC holidays and closures.


IT Learning Center Hours

IT Learning Center Hours 8:00AM-10AM 10AM-2:00 PM 2:00 PM-5PM 5PM-6:00 PM
Monday Rati

Rati, Ian

(Bander in at 1pm)

Bander, Ian, Rana (Abdou in at 3pm) (Rati out at 3pm) Abdou
Tuesday Closed

Closed until 1pm

(Bander and Rana in at 1pm)


(Abdou in at 3pm)

(Rana in at 4pm)

Abdou and Rana


(Ian and Rana in at 9am)

Rati, Ian, Rana (Bander in at 1pm)

Bander, Rana

(Ian out at 4pm)

Thursday Rati and Rana


(Rana unavailable from 11am-1pm)

(Bander in at 1pm) 


(Abdou and Ian in at 3pm)

(Rana in at 4pm)

Abdou, Ian, and Rana

(Bander in at 9am)

(Ian in at 10am)

(Bander and Ian out at 1pm) Closed  Closed 

TA Assigned Courses:

Rati Shah (shahr5@ucmail.uc.edu):

IT2020 001 Implications of IT 
IT2020 002 Implications of IT
IT2020 003 Implications of IT 
IT2020 004 Implications of IT

Abdou Fall (fallal@ucmail.uc.edu):

IT4020 001 Management in IT
All Senior Design Courses

Bander Alyami (alyamiba@ucmail.uc.edu):

IT1051C 001 Fundamentals of Digital Media
IT1051C 003 Fudnamentals of Digital Media 
IT2040C 001 Fundamentals of Web Development 
IT2040C 002 Fundamentals of Web Development 

Ian Keller (kellerin@ucmail.uc.edu):

IT1050 004 Fundamentals of Info Tech 
IT1050 007 Fundamentals of Info Tech
IT2021 001 Human Computer Interaction 
IT2060C 001 Database Mgt I (combined w/IT6060C 001)

Rana Ozcan (ozcanfa@ucmail.uc.edu):

IT1090C 001 Computer Programming I (combined w/IT6090C 001)
IT1090C 002 Computer Programming I  (combined w/IT6090C 002)
IT1090C 004 Computer Programming I (combined w/IT6090C 004)

Trevin Wolfe (wolfeti@mail.uc.edu):

IT1090C 003 Computer Programming I (combined w/IT6090C 003)
IT1090C 005 Computer Programming I (combined w/IT6090C 005)

Sanju Singh (dongolse@mail.uc.edu):

IT1081C 003 System Admin 
IT3045C 001 Contemporary Programming 
IT3060C 001 Database Mgt II 

Tyler Hopperton (hoppertd@ucmail.uc.edu):

IT2030C 001 Info Sec/Assurance 
IT2030C 005 Info Sec/Assurance 
IT3072C 001 Computer & Network Forensics 
IT4077C 001 Topcis Cybersecurity 

William Page (pagewj@mail.uc.edu):

IT2045C 001 Computer Programming II