College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services

College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services

IT Solutions Center

The Information Technology Solution Center (ITSC) is an initiative of the School of Information Technology at CECH, combining student workers with experienced full-time staff to create innovative technology solutions and reliable support.

The ITSC provides services of a traditional student worker plus:


Full Time & Experienced

Student workers are overseen by experienced IT professionals. With the IT professionals help, the student workers will continue to develop a multitude of skills.



We provide seamless transitions when the time comes for new student workers to take over a project. The documentation we provide is reviewed as it is recorded and is clear, concise, and conclusive. The ITSC is the single point of contact for any job.


Quicker Turn Around

There's no need to post jobs, interview, & then train potential employees. We have multiple full time workers that will provide the same quality output.


Support Over the Life of the Project

Project updates and support don't end when a student leaves. When new co-ops start at the ITSC they are informed of any existing projects that will need updating and maintaining, so that the client will always have sufficient support.



Projects that are accepted by the ITSC include, but are not limited to, elements of the following areas:

  •  Web Development
  •  Mobile App Development
  •  Networking and Cloud Computing
  •  Database Development

The ITSC provides a single, reliable interface to technology development services.

Co-Ops will be provided with hands on experience in projects accepted by ITSC that will help them to develop skills that are related to their majors, but they will also develop skills that are beyond technical in nature.

If you have any questions about the IT Solutions Center or would like to discuss the possibilities of your next project, please contact the School of Information Technology @ 513-556-5012.