Substance Abuse Counseling

The Substance Abuse Counseling program offers flexible and student-centered program options to prepare students for careers as substance abuse counselors and in related fields. Our instructors have a broad range of experiences, skills and knowledge. University faculty with research and training expertise, as well as experienced practitioners in drug and alcohol treatment across many demographic groups and treatment settings make up the cadre of instructors.

The Bachelor Degree Program:

The bachelor degree is designed for students who are interested in careers in the chemical dependency treatment areas of counseling and prevention. Students are prepared through a program grounded in current research and proven practice in the field of Substance Abuse Counseling to be qualified clinicians. Upon completion, students will have met academic requirements for Ohio Licensure. Find out more information regarding Licensure.

Students have 2 options for completing the Bachelor of Science degree:

Students attend Substance Abuse Counseling classes online through the blackboard platform while attending non-major classes offered via the traditional face-to-face delivery method.

Coursework is completely entirely via the Blackboard platform in an asynchronous, computer-based format without obligation to travel to UC’s campus.

Certificate Programs:

Certificates are credit-based programs designed for focused learning. They are shorter than the degree program, requiring just 15-24 semester credit hours of coursework. Certificates can supplement an existing program of study or provide the additional training needed for licensure. All certificates can be completed online with no need to attend class on UC’s campus.