Help @ CECH

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Are you a CECH Faculty or Staff member looking for services to help you do your job? The CECH Dean's Office is here to assist!

Note: This page is for CECH Faculty and Staff. Support for current students are included in student resources. Prospective students should see CECH's future student resources.

The goal of Help@CECH is to serve the needs of all CECH Faculty and Staff members. On this page, you will find helpful information regarding services offered by the CECH Dean’s Office. These services include Technology, Payroll Assistance, Data Request and other important employment resources specifically for you.


Data Requests

For data requests (e.g. enrollments, retention) at the Dean’s level please submit a support ticket to the helpdesk.

For data requests at the school level please contact your work order coordinator.

Note: Must be on campus or use VPN to submit a support ticket.


Grant Assistance

Evelyn Sten and John Davis - CECH Grants Office - Will work with faculty/staff in securing external funding from federal, state and local agencies.  We can help with some research of funding opportunities, grant applications, budgets, subcontracts with submitting universities, subawards on our own grants, post award issues and all grant related concerns.  The CECH Grants Office should be the first point of contact for any grant issues.


Key Requests

To request room keys, please fill out the request form.


CECH Marketing and Communications Office

The CECH Marketing and Communications Office is responsible for leading the overall marketing and communications efforts for College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services and strengthening the College's visibility and brand with internal and external constituents. We provide strategic direction for the College's identity and core messaging. Our office manages the College website and social media efforts, creates and distributes collateral materials, and matches on-campus experts with media outlets. Our staff is also available to assist with school and program marketing initiatives, including helping to identify potential markets; developing messaging; creating and distributing collateral materials; establishing metrics; and tracking progress.


Moving/Building/Furniture Support

For moving, building, or furniture requests, please fill out the request form.


Online Course Design

The CECH Learning Design Collaborative provides course design, pedagogical, and multimedia support for online and blended learning.  Need studio time to record a lecture? Have an idea for an innovative, interactive online learning experience?  Looking for time saving course management practices?  Curious about how to integrate Quality Matters standards in your online or blended course design?  Our staff can help.

Note: Must be on campus or use VPN to submit a support ticket.


Payroll/Business Support

We provide assistance and clarification in all areas of Business and Human Resources.  Please complete the informational form below and we will be happy to address your question/concern within 24 hours.  Here are some example areas that we can help with: payroll, paycheck issues, benefits eligibility and coverage, work-related injury, FMLA, time keeping system, employee self-service website, reimbursements, travel, direct deposit, W-2’s, Hiring Processes, etc.… 


Technology/Computer/Software Help

The mission of CECH Technology Support Services is to provide quality, friendly technology service and support to faculty, staff, and students, while keeping up with the latest innovations in the technology field.  The office strives to ease the day-to-day operations of the college and provides innovative assistance and IT leadership to ensure that all parts of the college achieve their goals and objectives.



This is only intended to simplify making requests to the Deans office. Requests that require department approval will still go through Department Head. Student/Budget Data will not be listed and will be filtered through Department Head.