Spring IT Workshops for High School Students

The University of Cincinnati’s School Of Information Technology (SOIT) is hosting several workshops in the spring of 2016 to introduce high school students to IT technical topics. Sponsored by the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, these workshops will cover various topics including developing iOS applications, web development with PHP, database management with SQL server, and web development with Node.js. Each workshop is designed to introduce students to IT topics with a hands-on approach. This method of hands-on learning allows students to practice each respected technology and explore its potential.

The first workshop began in December where students developed applications for the iOS platform for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. In this workshop, 24 area high school students created a drawing application and learned about model-view-controller architecture. Students also learned the basic foundation of the Swift programming language. During the second workshop, 10 students showed up despite the inclement weather. With the success of the workshops, the SOIT hopes to keep it going in the upcoming sessions.

SOIT is keen on enabling technology-oriented students to explore and practice modern IT technologies and find opportunities in which students can learn and apply these practices. Students can follow up these workshops by taking College Credit Plus classes from the School of Information Technology or IT classes in their schools.

Upcoming workshops include:

Title: Introduction to Database Management with SQL Server

Instructor: Rebekah Michael, Graduate Coordinator, Adjunct Instructor, Research Associate, and IT professional

Date: Sunday, March 13 from 2pm to 5pm

Location: N18 Clifton North

Description: This hands-on workshop will introduce students to the concepts of database and database management systems. Students will learn basic principles in designing databases and how apply those principles in creating and managing a database using SQL server.


Title: Web Development with Node.js

Instructor: Andrew Lively, senior, and Software Application Developer

Date: Sunday, April 17 from 2pm to 5pm

Location: N18 Clifton North

Description: JavaScript is a very popular scripting language and the Node.js platform brings its power to the server side of Web applications. This hands-on workshop will introduce students to JavaScript and the Node.js platform. Students will learn how to use it to develop responsive and scalable Web applications.

These workshops are open to all area high school students. To attend a workshop, you need to RSVP at least one week advance. Students can sign up through their InterAlliance club at their school, the DITLE IT Club or by sending an email to Lauren.Kirgis@uc.edu.