IT Student Starts a Company & Secures Full-Time Position after Graduation

Garret Hinojosa

Garret Hinojosa

Garret Hinojosa, a third year Information Technology major in the School of IT, has secured a full-time position as the chief technology officer for Pet Wants, LLC, following his graduation from the University of Cincinnati.  Pet Wants is a small business in Cincinnati that specializes in all natural pet food.  Hinojosa came across this opportunity through a previous part-time job as a sales representative for a national cell phone company.  There, he developed a great working relationship with the founder of Pet Wants, and after co-oping with the company, was offered a job Summer 2015.  To large part, Hinojosa’s job offer with Pet Wants came after the success of Hinojosa’s own startup company, Alpha and Omega Networks, ended up becoming absorbed by Pet Wants as he stepped into a full time role with that business.  

Hinojosa started Alpha and Omega Networks with the goal of installing network and computer systems for small businesses in Cincinnati, and training clients in the use of these systems.  Alpha and Omega Networks’ standout feature became the training he was offering clients.  Pet Wants adopted the Hinojosa’s business while he was still in his third year at UC, and offered him a full time position to incorporate his services within their company. 

Now, Hinojosa is in charge of all IT operations for the Pet Wants chain in Cincinnati.  His duties are overseeing the installation and maintenance of networks for the stores as well as selling franchises for the company.  Hinojosa stated, “At UC and in the School of Information Technology, I learned the value of not being afraid of setbacks.  With Alpha and Omega Networks, I had an idea, I had a passion for that idea, and I took the steps to make my idea a reality. Then, in Pet Wants, I met a company who valued my passion and saw my worth.  These are values and lessons I learned from my courses at UC.” Hinojosa understands that many times people within his major of study talk about the greats such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  “Really, what made them great was their ability to see opportunity where others didn’t.  So instead of admiring them, I decided to become them.” 

Hinojosa will graduate in the spring of 2017 from the School of Information Technology, where he will continue his time with Pet Wants as a full time employee.