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Graduates from the C&I Master’s program

From left to right: Sarah Ryan, Linda Plevyak, Larry Parece, Sierra Satterstrom, Jennifer Lopez and Lora (Rhodus) Sheppard; all graduates from the C&I Master’s program.

The University of Cincinnati has a number of online programs that are available to students near and far.  One student, Sierra Satterstrom, graduated from a CECH online graduate education program in Spring, 2016, with a degree in Curriculum and Instruction and certification in STEM education.  Satterstrom, who received her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Arizona State University, graduated from CECH’s School of Education this spring with an online Master’s Degree – even though she lives in San Diego, California.  She even flew across the country to attend her graduation this past week in Cincinnati. 

Satterstrom stated that she selected UC for graduate school because it was one of the only STEM programs she could find that was entirely online.  “I was teaching internationally (in the Dominican Republic) and have always wanted to pursue a Master’s degree.  After five years in the classroom, I decided that STEM was the path that I wanted to take.  UC offered a program that was thoughtfully designed to blend Curriculum and Instruction with a STEM Certificate,” explained Satterstrom.  She also noted that the professors in the School of Education were some of the best people she has worked with during her years in higher education.  “I felt a constant amount of support from teachers that I interacted with every semester.  The teachers pushed me to be a better student and adopt educational approaches and strategies that would improve my teaching,” she said.  

Throughout her time in the program, Satterstrom has seen how STEM instruction is essential for students to be competitive in a 21st Century, and how she can adopt these instructional approaches as a teacher.  She wanted to make the trip to Cincinnati for her graduation because she felt that all her hard work deserved recognition, and to thank the School of Education for what they had provided her.  “I am proud of myself and proud of the degree that I have earned,” she stated.  Satterstrom is the first in her family to get a Master’s degree, and was excited to meet the people she interacted with in her classes throughout the last two years.

Sierra Satterstrom, her family and her capstone teacher, Dr. Plevyak

Satterstrom, her family, and her capstone teacher, Dr. Plevyak