College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

Director “Joy” Ting Xiao Recognized with a Leadership Award by Venue Magazine

Dr. Joy Ting Xiao

Dr. Joy Ting Xiao, the Director at the Center for English as a Second Language here at the University of Cincinnati, was recently recognized by Greater Cincinnati’s Venue Magazine as a “Great Leader Under 40.”  This award honors and celebrates the successes of some of Cincinnati’s strongest leaders under the age of 40.  These leaders are recognized for making an impactful contribution to our community and becoming great pillars of strength and leadership within this city.  

Upon receiving this award, Xiao stated, “A leader is a multifaceted role; when needed, we can be a server, a listener, a motivator, a supporter, a mentor, and more.  Rather than counting what we have accomplished, I like to look for what else we can do for our students. Awards are wonderful to receive, but helping students succeed in their educational endeavor is more rewarding than anything else.”  In the magazine article, she explained, “There is never a lack of inspiration in my life.  But most importantly, I love what I do, and that makes everything so much easier.” 

CECH and the School of Education are proud to be affiliated with Xiao and all that she has accomplished in our community.