Sleepless in Cincinnati

Myka headshot

Myka Cosculluela, BS '14

Imagine working 50 hours a week as a hair stylist…and taking five classes…at the same time. No, it doesn’t leave much time for sleep. Welcome to Myka Cosculluela’s world.

Myka’s family has been chasing the American dream since her grandparents emigrated from Europe 50 years ago. Her hard-working grandfather had an eighth grade education, and neither her father nor his siblings finished college. Consequently, the senior majoring in paralegal studies has been burning the midnight oil of life for the past five years in a quest to become the first member of her family to graduate from college, which she will accomplish at UC’s spring 2014 commencement ceremony.

“I am the oldest of my generation, hoping to set a new standard,” she said. “I can thank my late Pepere (grandfather) for setting the example of what hard work can get you, the pride of being an American and pushing the meaning of higher education that he was never able to obtain.”

Myka has taken classes at UC’s Blue Ash, Clermont, and Main campuses, as well as online, and nothing has disappointed her.

“The curriculum is amazing and the attorneys have been so personable and helpful throughout the program,” she said. “They tend to have a very realistic and upfront approach to the profession.”

And Myka’s professors are equally impressed with her. “I have distinct memories of Myka as one of my sports law students at UC East in Batavia,” said Professor James Crowley. “Her analysis of the many cases that we discussed was impressive. She demonstrated an understanding of antitrust law and contract law that set her apart from the other students. Her willingness to volunteer in discussions made my job of teaching considerably easier.”

As if full-time work and school aren’t enough, Myka also interns in Luxottica Retail’s legal department, one of her favorite aspects of the program. As for the future, she hopes to work as a paralegal for a local corporation and pursue a graduate degree, while continuing to live up to the example her grandfather set.