Criminal Justice Student Soaks Up All the Capitol Has to Offer During Summer Internship

By Chandler Curry, Marketing Co-Op

Morgan St. John Follows Her Dreams of Pursuing A Career in Law Enforcement

st jon at the pentagon

St. John visiting The Pentagon

While most students are working part-time jobs over the summer to help offset college expenses, Morgan St. John spent her summer in Washington D.C. where she gained experiences no part-time job could offer.

St. John, a senior majoring in criminal justice, knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in the criminal justice field. Growing up, her favorite television shows were often popular crime dramas. She took her love for these shows and chose to follow a path that would lead to a career she would enjoy.

With St. John’s parents being University of Cincinnati alumni, she knew she wanted to spend her undergraduate years here. The fact that our Criminal Justice program is one of the most highly ranked in the nation was an extra bonus.

St. John spent this past summer interning with The Washington Center where she worked as the Intern Coordinator for the U.S. Marshals. The Washington Center is an organization that provides internships and seminars that promote academic and professional growth to countless students across the country. The program is designed to instill everything a young professional needs to know to be a successful leader. Many of the past Washington Center alumni hold leadership positions in nearly every industry.

She learned of this internship opportunity from her professor Susan Bourke, associate professor and undergraduate director of the criminal justice program.

“Professor Bourke highlighted the program while I was in her class," St. John said. "She had guest speakers come in and even wrote a letter of recommendation for me.”

Bourke’s enthusiasm for the program played a very influential role in St. John’s decision to apply to the program. With the added benefit of knowing past interns, she knew that this opportunity was right for her.

visiting the capitol

St. John and a friend visiting The Capitol Building

St. John held an important role as the Intern Program Coordinator for the agency by coordinating many events and speakers for 60 interns. She also coordinated field trips to places such as the Pentagon, DEA, Federal Offices and many other facilities in the D.C. area. When the field trips and speakers were planned and everything was finalized, during her last month with the U.S. Marshals she helped in the process and selection of the students who would be interning there in the fall.

When she wasn’t coordinating events or helping her boss, she spent time getting to know her apartment roommates. She lived just minutes from the Capitol in housing provided by the Center. She also took courses and explored the rich history of the city. This had been her third time visiting the D.C. area but being able to visit the Washington Monument again and tour The Pentagon were some of her favorite experiences.

When asked what the most important thing St. John learned while interning she said, “Professionalism, I worked with high caliber people. And patience; the government moves slowly.”

Most importantly, she learned she had chosen the right field. This internship enhanced her aspirations to work in the criminal justice field. Upon her return to Cincinnati she applied to the Cincinnati Police Department with the goal to work in federal law enforcement in the future.