Following Her Passion to CECH and Beyond


CECH student Jaclyn Carpenter doesn’t think she’s a very exciting person, which may raise a few eyebrows when you consider how involved she is as a Health Education major. The senior from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, certainly hasn’t taken the easy way out. Carpenter is president of the UC chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma, a national health-education organization for which, among other responsibilities, she partnered with the American Diabetes Association on a diabetes research study fall semester. She’s partnering with Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati this semester to conduct a study for Eta Sigma Gamma about alcohol use among UC students, which has ganered positive media attention.

Carpenter is passionate about women’s health and sex education and has parlayed that passion into an internship with Planned Parenthood. She is president of CECH Student Ambassadors, providing new and prospective undergraduates a student perspective on university life. Additionally, Carpenter conducted community-based nutritional field research with Professor Laura Nabors at Cincinnati’s Academy of World Languages in 2012, helping educate K-2 students about the differences between healthy and unhealthy food. Seeing no reason to keep all her health-education pursuits stateside, she spent 10 days in Belize last year for a comparative, developing-world perspective on health.

After graduating this spring, Carpenter hopes to pursue a master’s in health education, work in the health education field, and then perhaps take a stab at pursuing her dream job, a professor of health education.

Her advice to fellow students? “Follow your dreams and see where life takes you,” she says, “because health education wasn’t the field I originally picked. I landed on it during my journey through UC, and it works. I like it and enjoy it.”