UC Health Education Honorary Chapter Receives Two Awards

National awards highlight the success of UC’s Chapter

Eta Sigma Gamma students

Step Out to Stop Diabetes walk participants

Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG), the National Health Education Honorary, has recently given two awards to the University of Cincinnati ESG Chapter from UC’s School of Human Services.

UC’s ESG Chapter received the ‘Chapter Recognition Award’ and recognition for ‘Teaching Activity of the Year.’ Their award-winning teaching activity focused on a diabetes education and awareness campaign that the chapter developed and executed to increase knowledge about diabetes among health promotion and education students. With that project, they also raised more than $1,500 for the American Diabetes Association’s “Step Out to Stop Diabetes Walk.” In addition to raising funds for the association they sent about 20 volunteers to the event.

The chapter also increased its number and quality of projects this past academic year, helping further the organization’s mission to promote the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence, and ethics of professionally prepared men and women in Health Education.

The chapter’s projects included a spring 2014 campaign focused on binge drinking titled “Less Than You Think.”  The chapter partnered with the Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati and the University of Alabama to promote the risks of and educate people about binge drinking. Additionally, the chapter hosted social events for team building throughout the year.

Eta sigma gamma students

Students working a table for their "Less Than You Think" campaign

“Winning these awards was a huge accomplishment for our ESG chapter,” said Jaclyn Carpenter, last year’s chapter president. “Our chapter is growing, and we are making a difference. I am proud of how far we have come in the past year. We have another great executive board this year, and I think they will motivate our chapter to continue to do great things in health promotion and education.”

This year the chapter is focused on tobacco awareness, including e-cigarettes, hookah, and cigarettes. Currently in the planning stage of their events and campaigns, the chapter looks forward to another year of education and increasing awareness about health-related issues.

“We want to make Eta Sigma Gamma a fun learning experience for health promotion and education students,” said Erika Henry, current chapter president. “We encourage them to take their learning out of the classroom and apply it in real life. We are excited to keep improving and working hard to make a difference.”

Since its inception in 1967, Eta Sigma Gamma has had a rich history of contributions to the profession of health education and health promotion.