UC School of Education Alumna Receives Emerging Leader Award from the Ohio Council of Social Studies

Emily Miller, a recent graduate of UC’s School of Education, was recently awarded the 2014 Ohio Council of Social Studies (OCSS) Emerging Leader Award. Recognized for her outstanding dedication, skill, and growth as a young teacher at Franklin High School, Miller embodies all the best characteristics of educators who shape the academic and personal progress of their students.

“This has been an incredible honor and huge surprise,” Miller said of the award. “It has also been a humbling experience and a nice affirmation that I’m making the right decisions on behalf of my students.”

Since a very young age, Miller has known she would find fulfillment unlike any other as a teacher. She shares her gratitude for the many people she has met and worked with along the way to becoming a full-time social studies teacher.

“I’ve been fortunate to meet people who have helped me form the type of classroom environment and relationships I sought,” she said. “Their support and guidance has been a critical part of the success I’ve been able to achieve so early in my career.”

When lesson planning, Miller always strives to develop and implement engaging, tech-savvy lessons that interrupt classroom norms and truly involve and challenge students’ ways of thinking.

“Our winners inspire us to not just be good, but to dare to be great in today’s challenging educational environment,” OCSS said in an announcement about this year’s winners. “This award is for performance, ability to innovate, collaborate, to set high expectations, and to bring learning to life for their students.”

Some of Miller’s achievements include incorporating Common Core Literacy Standards in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Studies to develop reading comprehension strategies, writing activities, and analysis of primary source documents that help students grow academically. She also utilizes technology to differentiate instruction across student ability levels and designs assessments that provide students with opportunities to display their knowledge.

Much like her lifelong passion for teaching, Miller has always had a deep commitment to urban education. She recognized and appreciated UC’s School of Education’s commitment to urban education and sought out an urban placement for her student teaching. Her placement and time spent student teaching at Mount Healthy Junior/Senior High School reaffirmed her interest and desire to teach in an urban learning environment.

The 2014 OCSS Emerging Leader Award is given out once a year to any teacher in their first three years of teaching of social studies. The OCSS is the Ohio arm of the National Council for the Social Studies.   

Emily Miller