Sport Administration Student Interns with Iconic Sports Teams

Ben Berenson Helps Market Team Successes While Realizing His Own Achievements


Ben Berenson

The Boston Bruins warming up before a Stanley Cup playoff game that Ben worked during his internship

From great determination and grit often comes success – both on the athletic playing field and off. Ben Berenson, B.S. ’14, understands and internalizes this.

Once the author of exciting sports endings himself, Berenson now helps market iconic professional sports teams and their victories as a Sport Administration and Marketing Intern and soon-to-be graduate.

A native of Boston, Mass., where sport is celebrated and revered religiously, Berenson has interned with storied, professional teams including the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins.

“I’m a die-hard sports fan, Berenson said. “It’s go big or go home for Boston sports.”

So what propelled him to leave the historic city with its celebrated sports teams and collective passion for sport?

“UC’s Sport Administration program is great…I knew I wanted to be a part of it when I did my research and when I saw the campus,” he said. “I also wanted to see new things and new parts of the country.”

Ben Berenson

Ben being interviewed by ESPN, promoting a charity race through the Florida Panthers

When Berenson landed on campus he knew he wanted to study Sport Administration in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. Early on, he also knew he wanted to get practical experience working for teams and sporting events. Starting his freshman year, he secured a position as the UC Men’s Basketball team’s manager, helping run practices, working with athletes, and ensuring the team had everything they needed for games and practices. 

“I also served as the announcer for the UC Men’s Club Hockey team and helped them get their website off the ground,” Berenson said. “There’s a lot to the business side of sport when it comes to club sports, like hockey. They have to fundraise, schedule games, and get ice time.”

Berenson’s determination to get experience early will help him in the highly competitive sport administration industry – and it served him well when he interviewed for internship positions.

“My professors have instilled in me the importance of working hard and separating yourself from others by getting involved both inside and outside the classroom,” he said. “They also brought in guest speakers and gave us resources to make connections. I can honestly say that if it were not for the guidance and high standards my professors set for me as a student, I would not be in the position I am today.”

From the connections that Berenson forged, after he interned with the Boston Bruins last season, he headed south to intern for the Florida Panthers in the Miami metropolitan area, gaining experience with a different professional hockey team.

“In Florida, you had to be creative to get new fans to fill the stands,” he said talking of his internship.  

Ben Berenson

Ben and Miami Dolphins trophies at a job fair hosted by the Florida Panthers during his Panthers internship

With both the Panthers and the Bruins, Berenson said he learned how much planning and coordination goes into each game. “It’s like a script that everyone follows throughout the game as far as the announcements go. It’s all very hands on and fast-moving.” 

"I think Ben did an outstanding job in and out of the classroom, and as such, parlayed what he learned into successful internship experiences,” said David Kelley, assistant professor in sport administration. “Ben is a self-starting, go-getter, and he proactively got the most out of his time here as well as with his time with the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers.”

In addition to his internships with the Celtics and two professional hockey teams, Berenson interned with ProCamps Worldwide, an organization that develops, markets, and operates sports camps for professional athletes. During this internship, Berenson worked in the Blue Ash office north of the city of Cincinnati and marketed camps throughout the country. Specifically, he led marketing efforts for the Boston-area camps, including the David Ortiz Baseball Camp, Adrian Gonzalez Baseball Camp, and Ray Allen Basketball Camp at the University of Connecticut.

“The beauty of it all is that each day is different from the next,” Berenson said of his love for the industry. “One day you could be playing golf and the next watching the Stanley Cup Finals in-person.”

Berenson also notes his interest in this field of study generally, explaining that he finds it interesting to study the net economic impact of stadium upgrades or how sport impacts other professions and industries.

With commencement on the horizon, Berenson hopes to line up a full-time position with a professional hockey team, optimistic that his experience and hard work will serve him well. After all, his dedication, hard work, and determination are not unlike the qualities of the winning athletes and sports teams that he’s already helped market.