University of Cincinnati's School of Information Technology and Department of Communication Partner

Partnership will advance ongoing collaboration and joint initiatives across the interrelated disciplines

UC’s School of Information Technology (SoIT), part of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH), signed a partnership agreement with UC’s Department of Communication, part of the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) on Oct. 29.            

In a ceremonial signing at Teachers College, CECH Dean Lawrence J. Johnson and A&S Interim Dean Kristi Nelson committed to ongoing collaboration and continued growth in providing new opportunities for UC students. As the fields of communication and information technology continue to evolve and intersect, a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and real-world projects becomes critically important.

“Communication comprises one of our pillars for information technology education,” said Johnson. “In addition to fostering excellent communication skills in our students, we are excited and inspired by the growing opportunities to help shape the ever-evolving technology landscape and its impact on communication.”

Numerous students already take advantage of and study the interrelated industries of IT and communication, minoring and majoring in the two areas. This partnership will help cement strong elements of both IT and communication in curricula for both programs. It is also expected to pave the way for increased student and faculty collaboration across disciplines and augment joint initiatives. 

"I think this type of collaboration reflects what our students experience when they graduate," Nelson said. "We are offering a valuable opportunity to learn how to collaborate across disciplines and broaden their expertise."

The collaboration will also encompass the Information Technology Solutions Center and UCommunicate, UCRI organizations that connect UC experts to industry partners, facilitate commercialization of research, and give students real world experience developing state-of-the-art solutions – whether they are mobile, web, and/or communication initiatives. Being able to collaborate on such projects for organizations in the region, and learn from others in their fields of interest will help students maximize learning and work in cross-functional teams. These and other objectives and benefits are important markers in the SoIT’s progress in realizing its vision outlined in its IT2019 Strategic Plan.

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group shot of the partnership signing

CECH Dean Lawrence J. Johnson and A&S Interim Dean Kristi Nelson signing the partnership agreement