Criminal Justice Alumnus Now an ADR Federal Mediator for U.S. Government


Christopher Venegas

Christopher Venegas, an ADR Federal Mediator for the U.S. Government who lives in New Mexico, has always had a passion to help others. He explains his career as a federal mediator to be “settling discrimination cases prior to litigation by assisting parties involved reach a resolution.”

Specifically, Venegas mediates for a premier law enforcement agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which enforces various federal laws on discrimination. This passion inspired him to pursue a Bachelor degree in Political science with a focus on American Law from the College of Santa Fe and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from UC with a focus on Social Conflict all while raising three children and working full time.

While studying at UC he gained perspective on all the different variables that effect the outcomes of the criminal justice system. This has helped him to have a broad perspective of the entire law process. Venegas enjoys helping others to persevere through a difficult time in their lives.

Throughout his time in the School of Criminal Justice, Venegas appreciated that his graduate professors pushed him to think critically rather than solely thinking “outside of the box” in order to “create your own box of thought.” His advice to young professionals and currents students is to “aim higher and have high expectations for yourself and most importantly stop dreaming and take action.

"I think a lot of us have dreams and goals but it is taking action on the dreams and goals that makes them come to fruition,” he said. He tells current and future criminal justice students that a future in the field should not be limited and is valuable in any aspect in dealing with the law and/or conflict.