IT Student Adapts from US Air Force to College Campus

Dyllon Dekok

Date: 3/28/13

By: Mary Kay Meier, Communications Intern

In-state tuition, the strong co-op program, the attractive campus, and especially the ease of the application and enrollment process from across the Atlantic Ocean, all convinced Information Technology sophomore, Dyllon Dekok, that UC would be an ideal educational environment for him.

Dekok began classes in August 2012 after returning from 2-1/2 years of active military service at Ramstein Air Base in Germany as an Avionics System Technician – Electronic Warfare (EW).  A Lima, OH, native, Dekok earned an Associate Degree from the United States Air Force.

Already aware of the strength of the IT program at UC, Dekok knew he made the right choice in pursuing his bachelor’s  at UC when he observed the passion of the IT professors and benefited from their knowledge and experience. He says encouragement from professors like Hazem Said have further motivated him to set his sights on a career as a senior development programming manager or systems analyst, and he's even considering earning his PhD to teach at the university level.

Come meet Dyllon and benefit from his expertise as he tutors in the CECH computer lab during the week.