Mentoring Grant Awards 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 CECH Mentoring Grant Award Recipients!

Title Student Faculty School Abstract
A Closer Examination of the Empirical Link Between Antisocial Parents and Children's Deviance Lydie R. Loth John Wooldredge Criminal Justice The proposed study would examine whether children of antisocial mothers who are away from home due to employment have better behavioral outcomes compared to children with antisocial mothers who are unemployed and at home for longer periods of time.
The Influence of Research Collaboration Networks on Research Productivity in US Schools of Education Yinying (Helen) Wang Josh Pretlow Education The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of education research collaboration patterns on research productivity in schools of education across the United States. Using the data collected from Education Resources Information Center database and 2012 U.S. News Education Schools Compass, this study employs social network analysis and multiple regression to detect the relationships between specific research collaboration patterns and institutional research productivity. The findings of this study will help policymakers and administrators in higher education make informed decisions in allocating research resources and fostering a dynamic research community.
Sexual Assault Incident Characteristics and Confidante Responses Nicole Lasky Bonnie Fisher Criminal Justice This project will examine factors that contribute to encouraging sexual assault victims to report their victimization to police and/or to seek medical or psychological services.
Personal Victimization at the Convergence of Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Opportunities Arelys Madero-Hernandez Bonnie Fisher Criminal Justice Previous studies have shown that blacks and Hispanics face a greater likelihood of criminal victimization compared to whites. This study aims to provide a more robust understanding of the role of race, ethnicity, and criminal opportunities on the experience of personal victimization using data from the 2009 General Social Survey conducted by Statistics Canada. The study employs multivariate binary logistic regression techniques to tease out the effects on the risk of personal and property victimization of race, ethnicity, and various indicators of criminal opportunities.
Exploring English Education Teacher Candidates' Developing Attitudes toward Differentiation Jessica Wertz and Craig West Chet Laine and Steve Kroeger Education This qualitative case study explores the developing attitudes toward differentiation of English education teacher candidates in a co-taught methods course in order to inform the facultys' future instruction.
Individual, Behavioral, and Environmental Influences on Employer Facilitated Health Consumerism among Employees of a Large Health System: A Focus Group Study Framed within Social Cognitive Theory Anders Cedergren Randall Cottrell Human Services This focus group study will uncover factors associated with health consumerism among employees of a large health system and establish how the employer can facilitate cost and quality conscious health behaviors and utilization of health care. Employees who take advantage of preventive actions and effective treatments are healthier and will improve the capacity of an organization to manage health care costs and provide high quality health care coverage for employees.
The Impact of School Violence on Recent Alcohol Use and Episodic Heavy Drinking among Youth Ashley Merianos Keith King Human Services The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of school violence involvement on recent alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking among youth in 7th through 12th grade in the Greater Cincinnati area. More specifically, this study will examine whether the impact of school violence on alcohol abuse differs significantly based on sex and grade level. This study will assess whether school violence has a more pronounced impact on males' involvement in alcohol use than that of females, and junior high school students than that of high school students.
Using Mobile Technology during In-School Transition Jennifer Christman Stephen Kroeger Education This single subject research study attempts to determine if the use of video modeling on mobile technology (iPod Touch) can decrease adult prompting/increase independence during an in-school transition. The participants in this study are three high school students with significant intellectual disabilities from an urban high school.
Meta-analysis of Employment Programs that "Work" to Reduce Offender Recidivism Lydie R. Loth Frank Cullen Criminal Justice The proposed research will assess the effectiveness of employment programs on offender recidivism rates through a meta-analysis. Additionally, the study will identify the factors that distinguish successful programs from unsuccessful programs.
Small Business Employee Theft in Cincinnati Jay P. Kennedy Michael Benson Criminal Justice Empirical research suggests that small businesses are prime targets of criminal opportunities. We are proposing a research study designed to better understand the opportunities for employee theft within small businesses in Cincinnati. This project is a collaborative research effort between the Center for Criminal Justice Research in the School of Criminal Justices and the Goering Center for Family and Private Businesses in the Lindner College of Business.
Further Investigation of Interaction Effects of Suspects' Characteristics and Demeanor on Police Behavior P. Colin Bolger Lawrence Travis Criminal Justice The present analysis attempts to replicate previous findings regarding the impact of interaction terms between suspect demeanor and other suspect characteristics on the likelihood of police decisions to arrest and use force.
Comparing Versions of the Good Behavior Game: Can a Positive Spin Enhance Effectiveness? Elaine Wahl Renee Hawkins Human Services The study will extent the findings of Wright and McCurdy (2011) which compared the Good Behavior Game (GBG) to a positive version of the GBG, called the Caught Being Good Game (CBGG). The study will examine the effects on student behavior, including engagement and off-task behaviors, as well as teachers' use of positive and negative statements.
Understanding Student Engagement through a Participatory Action Research Framework Melissa DeJonckheere Lisa M. Vaughn Education This study will explore student engagement at a local middle school in Cincinnati. Students at this school are described as lacking engagement to their work and their classroom. Through a participatory action research project, students will work to investigate feelings of engagement and implement a project to improve student participation in and connections to the classroom environment
Understanding the Experiences of Chinese Language Teachers Teaching in American Schools Juanjuan Zhao Gulbahar H. Beckett Education This study is a qualitative case study. The purpose of the study is to examine the experiences of Chinese foreign language teachers who are native speakers of Chinese teaching in K-12 American schools, especially about the difficulties that they might encounter in their teaching practices due to cultural differences.
Practitioners perceptions of the importance of shared goals and values when working with offenders Jessica J. Warner Sarah Manchak Criminal Justice Inter-agency communication and collaboration influence positive change among offenders supervised in the community. What is less certain is the importance of shared goals for the offender and beliefs/values supportive of offender rehabilitation. The present study involves the facilitation of focus groups with professionals who are involved with offender supervision and rehabilitation, and assesses practitioners' perceptions concerning two primary issues: (1) To what extent do practitioners' perceive shared goals and values with other agencies to be important to achieving positive outcomes for their offender clients? (2) What particular shared goals and values do practitioners believe are essential when working with other agencies? Implications for future research and agency practices are discussed.