CECH’s Special Education Program Presents at National Conference

 CECH Presenters

CECH Special Education Presenters (from left to right), Jillian Altus; Saloni Hermani, Karen Troup, Dr. Stephen Kroeger, and Jennifer McQueen.

Students and faculty of CECH’s Special Education program presented at Ohio’s 6th Annual Special Education Leadership Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education, the Conference provided an opportunity for scholars and experts from across the country to present their studies to education administrators, government officials, teachers, and fellow researchers.

The theme for this year’s Conference was, “Closing the Achievement Gap.” Accompanied with doctoral student Jillian Altus, and undergraduate students Saloni Hermani and Jennifer McQueen, Dr. Stephen Kroeger and Karen Troup presented their study, Start Where You Are, but Don’t Stay There:  Courageous Explorations of Racial Identity, Cultural Conflict, and the Myth of Meritocracy. Within their study, the group emphasized the importance for pre-service teachers to have cross cultural experiences. Their study shows cross cultural experiences help ensure teachers construct a pedagogy that is culturally and contextually relevant to students with diverse backgrounds. The purpose of the study group’s study and presentation will be useful for newly inducted teachers who encounter students from various ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds.

With hundreds of presenters and attendees from across the nation, the Special Education Leadership Conference was a great opportunity for the CECH Special Education program to showcase their hard work.

For more information about the conference and its presenters visit www.edresourcesohio.org/.