Sport Administration Program Opens Doors for Graduating Senior

With a passion for sports, opportunities with the Sport Administration program in the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services are nearly limitless. This is the case for graduating senior T. Marie Strickland, whose experience in the field of sport administration reaches far beyond the classroom.

Strickland has always known she wanted to be involved in athletics. After she came to study at the University of Cincinnati, she found many ways to fulfill her passion for sports and create a network of leaders in her field through the Sport Administration program.

“There’s so much more to sports management than most people initially think about,” says Strickland. “You learn about everything from managing and coordinating dates and athletes, to staffing, promotion, and the legal aspects of sports and athletic events.”

Sport administration is everything about sports outside of being a player. Some of the opportunities that can come as a result of study in this field include positions such as: general manager, talent agent, team manager, head of a recreation department, athletic director, and many more. Run by professors who have real experience and excellent networks, the program has seen students go to work for professional sports teams as well as companies such as Nike and Underarmor.

“It’s just as fun and competitive as playing on the field,” says Strickland of working in the sports industry. “As an undergraduate you have to take advantage of the opportunities to get involved, volunteer, use your professors as resources, and most importantly, network.”

Currently, Strickland works as a Premium Sales Intern for the Cincinnati Bengals and a Basketball Marketing Intern for Xavier University women’s and men’s teams. Prior to this Strickland interned in two separate capacities for the Cincinnati Reds and worked as a Ticket Office and Marketing Student Worker for the University of Cincinnati Athletic Department. She has also volunteered for local events, including Western and Southern Tennis Open, U.S. Open of Beach Volleyball, Flying Pig Marathon, and Redsfest.

“In my first Sport Administration class, we were tasked with writing a paper outlining our five year plan for personal growth both within the program and beyond,” says Strickland. “It’s been amazing to see the goals that I wrote down in that class come to fruition.”

Strickland hopes to one day be a corporate sponsorship sales executive for an NBA team and teach classes in sports at a university. Upon graduating this month, Strickland will begin the Sport Administration Master of Education degree program at Xavier University.

T. Marie Strickland

Cincinnati Reds Internship

T. Marie Strickland

Cincinnati Bengals Internship

T. Marie Strickland