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Casey Hord

Title: Asst Professor
Office: 600G Teachers College
Tel: 513-556-2481
Email: casey.hord@uc.edu

Casey Hord is an assistant professor in the department of Special Education. He coordinates the Special Education PhD and EdD programs at the University of Cincinnati. His primary research interest is developing interventions in mathematics for students with high incidence disabilities. Other research interests include the role of visual representations in mathematics teaching for addressing difficulties with working memory, the mathematical reasoning processes of students with high incidence disabilities, and the potential role of tutors for students with disabilities in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

For more information on UC student involvement in tutoring contexts in the community, please see this link: http://cech.uc.edu/headlines/2016/hughes-tutoring.html

If you are interested in the Special Education PhD or EdD program, please contact Dr. Hord at (513) 556-2481 or at casey.hord@uc.edu.

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