Collaboration for Employment and Education Synergy (CEES)

Welcome to the CEES operated by the University of Cincinnati Special Education Department. CEES is designed for high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 14-21. CEES offers 12-week individualized transition curriculum to help young adults with intellectual disabilities determine how their interests and abilities can be applied in the workplace as they also learn the necessary life skills that enhance their ability to live and work more independently. 

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CEES aims to create community integrated employment experiences that incorporate meaningful social interactions with peers and employers and provide families with the support to develop high expectations and actively engage in the transition process.


CEES Services

The anticipated impact of CEES is to change the Quality of Life (QoL) for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Specifically, through CEES, students will develop the following skills opportunities associated with QoL:

  • Employment skills necessary for integrated community work
  • Social communication skills necessary for social interactions and soft skills for employment


The cost is $1,200 for students with disabilities, though active funds from developmental disability boards may be available.

To apply, fill out and follow the directions on the application (PDF), as well as the permission slip (DOCX) and photo release (DOCX) forms.


For information read the CEES fact sheet (PDF), the CEES Handbook (DOCX) ,  or contact:

Cadi Dart
CEES Program Director