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Advancement and Transition Services (ATS)

For increasing numbers of teens and young adults with intellectual and development disabilities, the University of Cincinnati's (UC) Advancement and Transition Services (ATS) opens the door to productivity, engagement, opportunity and purpose. Our goal is to increase independence and impart skills for meaningful relationships, positive social interaction, successful employment and lifelong learning.

ATS is a game-changer for families and individuals who desire more. Nested in a tier-one research university and an innovative College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, ATS serves those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in an inclusive, integrated environment. Programs are located on the University of Cincinnati campus.

From high school through college, ATS preps participants for work and continuing education via social skills, healthy living, community employment, and higher parent expectations. Research suggests that these are critical predictors of post-secondary success (Bouck, 2012; Carter, Austin, & Trainor, 2012; Carter, Brock, & Trainor, 2014; National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center, 2011).

Dr. Christi Carnahan, ATS Director

Dr. Christi Carnahan, ATS Director

"Parents know they are sending their teen and adult children to a place where staff is well trained, committed to working for and with their child to meet individual needs. We do everything in our power to make their child a success in life. It's our job to find something they can do to be successful."

ATS serves students with varying degrees of need, intellect, communication, sensory, and behavioral challenges with immersive summer camps, transition classrooms, intensive 12-week institutes and a non-degree total college experience. Programs are split into high-school and post-secondary tracts for individuals 14 and over. Specific programs serve varying ages.

As a leader in the special-education field, we are acutely aware of and able to help students obtain and retain jobs, resolve barriers and educate employers. Employment offers self-sufficiency, dignity and a higher quality of life. ATS aspires to radically change that number regionally.

When students with disabilities hold jobs in high school, they are two times more likely to remain employed after high school, which is why ATS champions community experiences that create positive social interaction, build skills, confidence and help participants see themselves in the workplace or higher education.

Without support, this untapped community often faces unemployment and social isolation. Our mission is to foster quality life experiences for people with disabilities through innovation, community, and research. Our vision is a world in which all people with disabilities are valued, dignified, and engaged members of their communities.

ATS programs offer extensive benefits.