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John Wooldredge

Title: Professor
Tel: 513-556-5838
Email: john.wooldredge@uc.edu

John Wooldredge holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Illinois. He is a professor in the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. His research and publications focus on institutional corrections (crowding, inmate crimes and victimizations) and criminal case processing (sentencing and recidivism, and micro- versus macro-level extralegal disparities in case processing and outcomes). He is currently involved in an NIJ funded study of the use and impacts of restrictive housing in Ohio prisons (with Josh Cochran), and in projects focusing on prison program effects on subsequent misconduct during incarceration and post-release recidivism, and extralegal disparities in prison sanctions imposed for rule violations. In the undergraduate program, he teaches courses on institutional corrections and research methods.  His courses in the graduate program include a seminar on institutional corrections, and classes on  multi-level models, sampling, and structural equation models.

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