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Kelly A. Pitocco

Title: Research Associate, University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute
Office: 560N Teachers College
Tel: 513-556-0806
Email: kelly.pitocco@uc.edu

Kelly Pitocco received her M.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in 1989.  She earned her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Kentucky in 1992.  She is independently licensed as a social worker and chemical dependency professional in the state of Ohio.  Ms. Pitocco has over 25 years experience working in community corrections.  She has provided direct service with youth and adult offenders in residential treatment and halfway house settings.  She has provided clinical supervision and program management in adult outpatient substance abuse services, Drug Court and jail-based substance abuse and batterers’ intervention program.  Ms. Pitocco has provided staff training at a large social service agency (primarily community corrections) and has provided training, technical assistance and coaching at several probation, parole and pretrial departments.   Ms. Pitocco is a Research Associate for the Corrections Institute at the University of Cincinnati, Center for Criminal Justice Research.  Ms. Pitocco trains on a variety of topics including cognitive-behavioral interventions, risk assessment and motivational interviewing (MINT member) for the Corrections Institute. She has experience in program implementation and adherence to evidence-based practices.

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, Technical Assistance to Design and Implement Evidence Based Programming., Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. (Muskegon / H79SM063405), $293,675.00. 09/30/2016 to 09/29/2017. Status: Awarded.
  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, CMHC CBI-SA Training , Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. (H79TI026492 / CMHC), $13,750.01. 12/01/2016 to 12/31/2016. Status: Awarded.
  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, Klamath Falls Child & Family Treatment Center, INC CBI-SA Train the Trainer, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. (Klamath CBI-SA / 147812 Oregon State / SAMHSA), $9,500.00. 11/15/2016 to 12/31/2016. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, Council on Chemical Abuse Berks County CBI-SA Training, Bureau of Justice Assistance. (COCA2015-SA-01-26637 / 2015-RT-BX-0010), $8,000.00. 02/01/2017 to 06/30/2017. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, Milford CT EPICS-I Training, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. (CFInc EPICS-1 / 2016-CZ-BX-0006), $32,000.00. 05/01/2017 to 11/30/2017. Status: Awarded.
  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, MN CCP and CPC-GA trainings, Bureau of Justice Assistance. (125135 / 2014-CZ-BX-0023), $53,500.00. 06/01/2017 to 12/31/2017. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Pitocco, Kelly, MN DOC 1-day CCP Presentation, Bureau of Justice Assistance. (CCP Presentation), $3,500.68. 10/01/2017 to 10/31/2017. Status: Active.