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Joseph L Nedelec

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: 660E Teachers College
Tel: 513-556-5561
Email: joseph.nedelec@uc.edu
Web: http://joenedelec.wix.com/joenedelec

Professor Nedelec received his undergraduate degrees (criminology and psychology) and his Master’s degree (criminology) from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia.  His doctoral degree (criminology) was received from Florida State University.  Dr. Nedelec’s primary research interests lie within biosocial criminology, with specific focus on evolutionary psychology, life-history theory, digit ratio, and behavioral genetics.  He has published articles on biosocial criminology and other topics in a variety of journals including Child Psychiatry and Human Development, Criminology, Evolution and Human Behavior, Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, Intelligence, Journal of Criminal Justice, Personality and Individual Differences, PLOS One, and others.  He has also incorporated topics related to cybercrime and cyber-security into his research agenda and has a secondary appointment with the School of Information Technology at UC.  Dr. Nedelec teaches in the areas of life-course/developmental criminology, cybercrime, research methods, statistics, and terrorism and homeland security.  He is also co-founder and current Vice President of the Biosocial Criminology Association (www.biosocialcrim.org).

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