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James Frank

Title: Professor and Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Research
Tel: 513-556-5832
Email: james.frank@uc.edu

James Frank received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  He is a professor in School of Criminal Justice and the Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Research.  Dr. Frank’s research primarily focuses on understanding the behavior of street-level police officers, officer decision making during interactions with the public and citizen attitudes toward the police.  His funded policing research projects have examined officer use of police technology involving gunshot location programs and the use of non-emergency call numbers, the hiring practices of police agencies, the work routines of police officers, the influence of race on traffic stops, citizen attitudes toward the police and the implementation of problem solving strategies.  He has also been involved in funded studies examining juror understanding of death penalty instructions, sentencing in state and federal courts and the impact of collateral consequences of conviction in Ohio.  He has published articles in Justice Quarterly, Police Quarterly, Crime and Delinquency, Criminology and Public Policy, the Journal of Criminal Justice, and Policing:  An International Journal of Police Strategy and Management.  He is a past President of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. He teaches in the areas of policing, legal issues and criminal justice. 

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