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Arlitt Child & Family Research and Education Center

Arlitt Child & Family Research & Education Center

Welcome to the Arlitt Child and Family Research & Education Center website, for the award-winning laboratory preschool of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Education. Founded in 1925, Arlitt is one of the oldest demonstration preschools in the United States. Arlitt is committed to teacher training and to helping the early childhood education community translate child development theory and research into best practice in the early childhood classroom.

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3 Dimensional Sculptures

Children in Arlitt classrooms often engage in sensory experiences such as playdoh. Children in this classroom explored a variety of materials that could be used to turn playdoh into a sculpture. After several days of this exploration, “goop”, a salt/cornstarch mixture, was provided as a permanent base for the addition of a variety of materials to create shape, texture and beauty to each child’s creation. This open-ended activity promotes creativity and sensory exploration as well as fine motor development. The sculptures were then put on display in the lobby so that everyone could enjoy the children’s work and to demonstrate that children’s work is valued.  Displaying children’s work also encourages conversations about the process of planning and creating.  Verbalizing these experiences supports children’s language development, fosters connections between speaker and listener, and provides inspiration for future explorations.


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